31 Jul 2011

Katie Cassidy Hairstyle

Try something different for a shoulder-grazing bob by giving it edgy piecey waves at the ends a la Ashley Olsen. This style is supposed to have a casual feel, so don't worry about getting the waves perfect

Get her look: Add a texturizer to towel-dried hair. Gather hair back into a ponytail, twist, and secure with an elastic. Remove elastic when hair is dry, and gently run fingers through hair to separate waves.

The Olsen twins may sport the same basic layered cut, but just by styling differently you get two different looks. Mary-Kate (left) opts for messy waves while Ashley keeps her mane straight and simple. The twins are at Barnes & Noble in New York for the launch of their new coffee-table book "Influence", which details their fashion inspirations.

Create Mary-Kate's bedhead look: Blow-dry shampooed hair until it's 80% dry, then work in mousse. Twist hair up in a high bun and sleep in it overnight. In the morning, release hair and style as needed.