31 Jul 2011

Katie Cassidy Hairstyle

A romantic low, side-swept bun is the modern, chic way to wear a chignon, a la Becki Newton's knotted, loose updo.

Get her look: Gather hair into a low side ponytail, then loosely twist and wound into a chignon, wrapping the ends underneath the chignon. Secure with bobby pins.

Beyonce looks super chic and polished in a straight and sleek half-up half-down hairstyle at the NBC's "Today Show".

Style tip: This hairstyle looks great on Beyonce, who has an oval-shaped face. But it's especially flattering if you have wide cheekbones: Height at the crown helps visually lengthen the face, while the pulled-back bangs flaunt your dramatic cheekbones.

Get her look: Start by dividing hair into small sections -- blow-dry each section using a round brush, then roll it up using fingers and pin in place to let cool completely. After all sections have cooled and set, remove pins and gently run your fingers through hair. 

Achieving Cameron Diaz's straight, glossy blow-out not only requires the right tools -- a blow-dryer with a nozzle and a large round brush -- but also the right techniques Here's the low-down:

Get her look: Work in a straightening balm or shine serum to towel-dried hair. Blow-dry hair, working with your hands, until your hair is 80% dry. Continue to blow-dry (with the nozzle aiming downwards onto hair to prevent frizz) using a round brush, pulling hair taut as you dry from root to tip. Finish with a blast of cool air to lock in the style and a bit of shine serum to the ends.

Cameron Diaz looks chic in feathered layers and a side-swept fringe at the "Shrek The Musical" Broadway party in New York. With layers that start just below chin level, the ends have been sliced to add definition and texture, giving softness around the face. This is a great option for flattering a strong jawline.

Get her look: Use a straightening balm on wet hair. Part hair along the arch of the brow, then blow-dry with a round brush that you roll inward as you get to the ends to create a soft face-framing curl. Lightly smooth over hair with a shine serum, and sweep bangs behind ears.