15 Des 2010

Coming up for the third time: Brad and Ange ... getting Brangelated. At last!

Or is it the fourth time? I've lost count! Seems like every 6 - 12 months the magazine covers are all reporting Brad and Ange married in secret, at ceremonies so private even their friends didn't know they'd done it. Uh...huh.

But this one could be real. This time around it's a wedding in the planning, and it's not the ordinary hitching. It's a Hindu wedding set to take place in Jodhpur, with their guru presiding.

Sounds great to me. I just have three hopes:

1) This is a true story and they actually are planning to do it;

2) They really go through with it when push comes to shove; and

3) The marriage lasts longer than the courtship.

Come on, kids, let's see you do it! And if you'd like to know more, the whole story broke in the Indian press earlier today am spilled over into the western press a few hours later. Here's a link -- http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/92223/20101215/angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-marriage-jodhpur-siddha-yoag.htm -- and a quick tickle of Google will turn up a load of goodies on Siddha yoga, and "guru to the stars" Ram Lal Siya.

Oh, what the heck? Let's have some more pictures, while we're here. Don't you hate those blogs and sites where they dole out the news in bits you could inhale without even sneezing, and then give you one little picture for your time and trouble of gracing their pages? It's not as if there's a shortage of pictures for goshsakes! Here -- feast your eyes, and enjoy: