11 Jun 2010

Robert Downey Jr. -- bisexual, or not?

Robert Downey Jr. the luscious Mr. Ironman himself ... is he bisexual, or isn't he? Well, it depends on who you talk to! By all accounts, he outed himself in an interview where he described himself as "an eccentric bisexual." But lately, he's been saying that all this was part of a "manufactured" personality, or character, going back to the days when he was reinventing himself.

Well ... hmmm. Okay. But try using using your Sherlock Holmesian powers of observation (in other words, OBSERVE as well as SEEING ... you thought that was a joke in Without a Clue, right? Wrong!! Arthur Conan Doyle wrote this in A Scandal in Bohemia -- they borrowed it for the movie) when you watch Robert Downey Jr. movies...

And you will see, if you actually trouble to look, his body language.

Body language tells a whole lot of truths about us that our tongues and the minds that drive them are probably trying to hide. It's in the gestures, the way we use our hands (and feet!!), the way we choose to wear our hair, facial expressions, the way we toss our heads...

AG's verdict? Robert wasn't kidding, the first time around, but now hi career is going into orbit, and IRON MAN is his big ticket -- and IRON MAN is a Marvel movie, and Marvel has just been bought (holy crap, Batdude!) by DISNEY!!!!

Therefore, 'tis time for Robert Downey Jr. to reinvent himself all over again, damnit, and be BON. Which is an acronym for Boring Old Normal.

If you LISTEN to the dialog in the first IRON MAN movie, there's gay and bi throwaway lines alllll over the place. Not so in the second, which was done under the threat (or promise) of a Disney hand on the tiller. (I find myself wondering how Disney will affect the overall integrity of the Marvel product. Yeee-ouch.

Here's the rub: Robert Downey Jr. could have eventually have been a gay icon, if Disney hadn't bought Marvel. Well ... rats.