9 Feb 2009

Jake Gyllenhaal ... who's REALLY buff now?!

Hands up (honestly, guys!) how many people reading this have played Prince of Persia?

Fair enough. Now, hands up (ditto) how many of you pictured Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role of Prince Dastan?! I'm not saying he won't be good. He probably will. But I'll be honest here: he's just about the last all-American lad I'd have pictured in the part!

That said ... the boy's working hard for the role, so what the hey? Give him a chance before you decide that at least twenty other actors would have been better cast as Prince D. -- if for no other reason than that they uh, look like they might be of Arabic descent. (Nice shorts, kid. You might want to think about giving your trackies a yank before they escape.)

Anyway: the movie is still over a year in the future, so there's plenty of time to be forewaned. But right now I still can't get past imaging Oded Fehr (from the first two Mummy movies) in the part of Dastan. Okay, Jake: show me your best stuff, dude -- impress he heck out of me now!