7 Feb 2009

Ewan McGregor ... headed for another indie!

This, just in from The Hollywood Reporter:
BERLIN -- Ewan McGregor and Carey Mulligan are in talks to headline "The Electric Slide," based on the true story of Los Angeles-based furniture salesman turned bank robber named Eddie Dodson. McGregor is in talks to play Dodson, while Mulligan, a Shooting Star at the Berlinale and also the talk of Sundance after her turn in "An Education," is being touted as his girlfriend.Tristan Patterson, who wrote the script based on Timothy Ford's Gear magazine article "The Yankee Bandit: The Life and Times of Eddie Dodson, World's Great Bank Robber," will make his directing debut.L.A. indie production and finance banner Myriad Pictures is putting the financing together for the project and is preselling to buyers and backers in Berlin.

Indie movies look like dancing rings around Hollywood right now, don't they? For a start, you can make movies that Hollywood's big studios wouldn't have a bar of; and you can get them done a whole lot faster. If not for indie films, movies like Brokeback Mountain and I Love You, Philip Morris, would probably never have happened.

(Incidentally, re: Philip Morris, the DVD cut is planned to be a good deal, uh, more sizzling than the cinematic version. Okay. Right. Did they say when?!)

Anyway, here's Ewan without the lightsaber ... or the kilt ... but if you have a fancy for the leather jacket and the long hair, you'll just have to put up with the motorbike!